Lydian Ledgers Ltd

Lydian Ledgers is a forward thinking payroll bureau with a clear vision – To solve the multiple and varied challenges of employing and paying staff, provide an efficient, professional and valuable payroll service to employers and an easy to use, full featured platform for their employees.  This is payroll, done properly!

Why choose Lydian Ledgers?

Any payroll service provider should have the basics covered and if you’ve made it here, you’ve probably already established a need to outsource your payroll.  Below you’ll find some of the features that make Lydian Ledgers the best choice for the task.

Employee Portal

  • Secure, modern and intuitive online Self Service portal with essential HR functions.
  • View or download payslips, P60s, statutory letters and P45s
  • Update personal details such as address, contact numbers and emergency contacts.
  • Record, track and manage staff holidays on an easy to use calendar with an optional request and approval process
  • Smartphone app for Android and iOS included.

Employer Portal

  • View all of your employee’s payslips and other documents in one place.
  • View your liabilities due to HMRC at any time – automated email reminders are also sent each month.
  • Secure automatic backup of all your payroll data (Just in case all of my 5 backup locations fail or I disappear!)
  • Upload employee documents, handbooks and notices and send notifications to a selection or all staff.
  • Give variable levels of access to multiple users, including your accountant who can then view & download the payroll reports they need for your accounts

Online, mobile friendly New Starter forms

Transform your onboarding process, eliminating errors, missing information and ping-pong emails.  Say goodbye to HMRC’s P46, paper forms and illegible handwriting!

  • All my clients are provided with an easy, online form for new employees that’s optimised for mobile use.  It requires and self validates all critical information ensuring errors and missing information are a thing of the past.
  • Option to upload P45s in any format or take a picture of it from within the form using their mobile phone. 
  • A swift, easy and error free process means last minute additions are a breeze, and payroll won’t be held up waiting for missing data.
  • All you have to do is send a link to your new employee.
  • A fully customised form tailored to your needs is also available that can include branding, attachments, terms & conditions, signatures, unlimited additional fields, as well as an employer approval process with options to complete additional fields such as salary, hourly rate, contracted hours etc. 
  • A customised new starter form can replace several employee onboarding forms and keeps all the info you need in one place that’s also easy to integrate in to HR and other record keeping systems you may have in place.

Employee Payments

If you have more than a handful of staff, paying them manually can become a time consuming, stressful and error prone task.  

Lydian Ledgers can take the pressure off at month end whilst leaving you with ultimate control and flexibility.

  • Payments are uploaded directly from payroll eliminating human error.
  • Flexible approval process
  • Payments can be sent 24/7 and land in your employees’ account almost instantly, even at weekends.
  • Schedule payments for any date and set different pay days for any employees
  • Missed something or made a mistake?  No problem, additional payments and amendments can be made at any time.

Personal, Friendly & Flexible Service

  • Single point of contact and one person looking after the whole payroll process.
  • Flexible operating times – I don’t have fixed opening hours and will answer calls & emails at any time if I’m available.  You’ll often find me working at unusual hours!
  • I’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you get a premium service and do my best to translate payroll jargon and complex regulations in to a language and format that’s easy for anyone to digest.   
  • No lengthy contracts or minimum terms.  I’m 100% confident you won’t want to leave but if you do, you’re free to go at any time.

Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment duties are nothing new now and have become an integral part of the payroll process.

Lydian Ledgers covers all aspects of auto enrolment including setting up your pension scheme, assessing and enrolling employees, statutory letters, declaration and re-declaration of compliance to the pensions regulator and ongoing duties in assessments, enrolments, submissions and payments. 

NEST offer a great service and have been seeing good returns, they don’t charge employers, have a slick user interface and good support services.  For most employers they are the natural and my preferred auto enrolment provider.  However, I’m always happy to discuss other options or accommodate existing schemes and have extensive experience with NOW Pensions, Smart Pensions, The People’s Pension, Aviva, Standard Life and Scottish Widows.

CIS - Construction Industry Scheme

If you’re engaging subcontractors you now have reporting duties similar to those of employing staff.

Lydian Ledgers has this covered and will verify your subcontractors’ tax status, calculate their payments accordingly, submit the CIS 300 to HMRC and provide your subbies with a Payment & Deduction Statement for each pay period as well as a year end statement for self assessment purposes.  

If you’re a limited company subcontractor, I’ll also file an EPS (Employer Payment Summary) to claim back CIS deductions suffered on a monthly basis.

You will get a P30 each month showing your liabilities or credits with HMRC and if you also have employees, your P30 will include all PAYE and CIS liabilities in one place so you can see your position at a glance.